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5 Of The Best Invicta Watches For Men

The Monstrous Invicta Bolt Zeus (Jason Taylor line)
The Invicta Bolt Zeus is available in an assortment of colors, including black, gold plated, gray, stainless steel, and other choices. They were each rated individually, based on their design style, color scheme and functionally. The majority of them received a four and a half star out of five stars, although one of them only received four stars.
Some of the people who purchased this watch said that they loved the look, weight, and size of the watch and that it captures a lot of attention. People often stare and make comments about how nice the watch is; perhaps it is for this reason that the Invicta Bolt Zeus is a watch that a man might wear to a wedding.
It was also stated that this is a wonderful watch and is considered a great watch for the price. This watch was also referred to as beautiful with perfect printing quality on the dials. Every detail has been both designed and implemented perfectly.
The drawbacks that were pointed out consisted of it being polished metal and they can be scratched relatively easy. Also, if other jewelry is worn with this watch, the Invicta Bolt Zeus will be ruined. Because of this, it’s not recommended for everyday wear.
Invicta Venom Watch
The Invicta Venom come available in a wide assortment of color schemes and designs. A large majority of them received a five star and only a few of them received a four and a half star.
You won’t be disappointed with this watch. It is referred to as being awesome and a really nice watch for the price. This watch makes you feel like you’re wearing a man’s thing – it’s both heavy and large as well as an eye catcher. It’s can be worn with casual or dressy attire. It’s recommended that a watch of this caliber not be worn every day, but something that is smaller and cheaper.
The Gaudy Invicta Subaqua
The Invicta Subaqua is quite an eye catcher, it has a variety of stylish designs and color schemes. This entire series is said to be simply remarkable. However, it received mostly four and a half out of five stars and only a few five stars. It is referred to as a timepiece, regardless of what color scheme you decide to go with – it’s a beautifully designed watch. When wearing the Subaqua, get ready for at least 10 compliments a day – it’s a great looking watch.
One of the drawbacks about this watch is that the rubber bands begin to crack and split after a short period of time. Another issue with this watch is that the bands are not covered under any type of warranty and the cost to replace them is almost as much as the cost of the watch. The alternative to this is switching to the metal band version, but this style is known for pins falling out, which is another drawback.
Invicta Lupah
The Lupah comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This watch mainly received four and a half stars and four out of five stars. It has a very high-end look. It also has viewable movements which are simply breathtaking. The photos of this watch do not do it justice and the real thing is to be quite impressive. Many onlookers want to know where they can get one from. The drawback on this one is that a few customers had to wind it every 12 hours, then more frequently. Eventually, the some of the watches had to be returned.
Woman’s Option Watch
The Woman’s Option Watch is said to be very big, durable and is also waterproof. It’s just ok for the price. It’s not considered high end or high quality, although it captures a lot of attention from onlookers.
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