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Emergency room

Emergency room
I live in a small city, after graduating from school, came to this place. From earthly Chushe ignorant, to gradually understand the troubles of life, from taste to the joy of life and work to slowly to get a thorough understanding of the mundane world many weakness and helplessness.
As the years return cycle, red dust in the ups and downs, time is the own hard to promote the marriage and family of the journey. With the advent of new life in the family, the life of the poem will add a new fun and content, life and work has also been a qualitative change – there are elderly parents, there is a young life. Since then, work, life, family, like three mutually complementary gear, tightly combined with together, firmly maintain the. Whether it is sunny spring, or poison day such as tiger on a hot summer afternoon, whether it is golden everywhere in the full autumn, or of icy snow winter night. The three boxes of gears are you leaning on me, I rely on you, maintain a unified whole, tirelessly in steady transmission, and spinning.
However, when the earth rotates to a warm winter in the imperceptibly, this guy is very heartless years. Hey a pair of parents, vigorous walking, stout, dark haired and smooth body, simply by pressing it into the bent back Tuo, shambling octogenarian.
Parents in the singing “sunset song” of the day, I feel deeply in mind that parents. Work, as far as possible by their side, to maximize their life in the warm heart Xu huai. Said they like the fun, Lao with them happy topic, to explore the things they care about, do they have to do housework. As possible so that they look forward, let their spiritual pillar keep optimistic, guide them to overcome the difficulties, longing for the good things, so don’t waste it valuable energy and time to lament their frail, make them happy to live each day.
However, when the son tried the filial piety, parents are always constantly suffering. Parents do not have the fairy also difficult to advanced in age, Fu fu. One morning, three years ago, I went to my mother’s house to take care of her daily life, who knows that her mother was dying in bed because of a heart attack. Critical juncture, quickly called the hospital emergency ambulance, rushed to the hospital emergency room to rescue. But the 86 year old mother because the age is too high, the heart and disease, the body is too weak, heart once stopped beating, Huitian pan force. Therefore, the final is irreparable. In nervous, frightened, sad state, that died in the emergency room will in my heart indistinct on the back a layer of gloomy.
And after a lapse of one year after, 97 year old father due to sickness danger and sent to the the emergency room, after a tense rescue, but in the end is not the father to rescue the back. The last day of my parents’ life was in the first aid room, finishing their hard, simple, good, honest life. But the emergency room, but remember once again left me sad and dark in my heart.
From the parents of the rescue and invalid reality, I saw the fragility of life, small, short, and the world’s helplessness and weakness. Yesterday was good for a parent, pronto. But they have to go to the another world, walk on and completed his way in life.
And in my dreams, I’m always waking up in the emergency room. The sad and alarming call, in deep midnight, so make people scared, make people sad, make people cry. The awakened after Chen was bathed in a wet towel, deer tears.
Now, whenever I passed from this section of the road, when I saw that in the emergency room, my heart produced a deep pain, a kind of unspeakable discomfort in my heart torture, channeling tour, kicking, tears will be in imperceptible in condensate orbital. Parents in the rescue scene or so deeply memory, always so vivid, even though so many years or so clear.source:www.theperfects.cn
Sometimes, I really want to, if you want to go through the road, you can bypass it, take another road, so, maybe his feelings will be better, it will not be so heavy. But then I thought, everyone is such a way to go, and even the emperor and the president. And, now those things have become history and once, so, let it in the long river of life gently floating over it, let it deep in the heart of a suitable location is good. People can not always live in the memories, always face the new life, new challenges, new issues, new future. In my parents’ generation did not pass through the road, you have to work harder, work harder, create a happier tomorrow.