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Household autotherapy five

Household autotherapy five
If you feel ill at home, teach you some small way, you can try.
1, the application of tea tea in the tannic acid is a kind of astringent. Can use tea feet to keep their feet dry, reduce odor. The specific method is 500 grams of water and tea and cook for 15 minutes, then pour 12500 grams of water, add foot soak for 20 minutes. 1 times a day, 1 times a day, first times a day. Tea also has the role of treatment of ulcers. For the ulcer, available tea hot, 1 times, 5 to 10 minutes, 3 ~ 4 hours 1.
Application: 2 Ice worms, available ice friction repeatedly in the affected area. If a toothache, more effective treatment method is the gauze wrapped around the ice, the triangle between the thumb and forefinger with muscle tissue gently rub for 5 minutes, can be repeated many times.
3 ginger ginger can be used for the treatment of vomiting and cold, ginger tea is acceptable for most people. The production methods of 3-4 slice ginger, 2 cups water to boil, put to moderate drinking. Because ginger can promote the body to sweat, accelerate the The new supersedes the old., so drink ginger tea can relieve cold symptoms. In addition, bronchitis, ginger tea also has a role! Method is no hot ginger tea small towel wrung out, and then placed in the chest until cool at this time to pay attention to. Don’t take ginger placed directly in the chest, which can make the patients feel uncomfortable stimulus.
Application of 4 edible soda with edible soda can take a shower, treatment of skin diseases such as chicken pox rash, is also effective against mosquito bites. The method is, every 1000 grams of water 2 teaspoon baking soda, or add half a cup of baking soda in bath salts. But remember, take a shower with soda will make the skin dry, infants should be used with caution.
5 pepper’s winter, people often feel cold feet. If you want to warm up, you might as well put some pepper in the socks, which will make the foot a warm feeling, but there is a certain sense of shaving.
These family therapy is generally effective. But to pay attention, the vast majority of family therapy is temporary. If symptoms of more than 1 days have not been relieved, or become more, then you should go to the hospital for medical treatment.
How to take off the clothes of the injured person
Sometimes need to take off the injured person’s clothes to expose the injured part, in order to carry out the correct judgment and the appropriate first aid. Strip should try to avoid strong or violent movements, depending on actual need as little as possible off, to respect seriously sick and to protect the privacy. Try not to damage the injured person’s clothing, if you need to cut off, should be as far as possible along the suture Department cut open.
1, a hand off boots or shoes heel, carefully put the shoes off. If wearing no zipper boots, boots available after knife cut open along the seam.
2 take off socks socks if difficult to take off, can be inserted into the finger and the middle finger and legs with socks. Pull up your socks and cut it off with a pair of scissors along the two finger.
3 take off pants pants from the waist down, to expose the thigh or rolled up his pants, exposing the lower leg and knee. If necessary, can cut the pants inside seam.
4. Take off your jacket or shirt help from injury, first his coat fade to the shoulder, the uninjured side of the bend your arm, from the side to take off, then the injured side of the arm from sleeve prolapse and arms as far as possible to keep straight.
5 take off the helmet and keep it in the head. But the helmet to prevent breathing, the wounded have vomiting, head injury, etc., will hinder the injured breathing or artificial respiration. Should be as far as possible from the wounded to the helmet, it is impossible, should be two people cooperation and safety of the helmet, and to ensure that there is one person in the head and neck.