High blood pressure remedies–Apple

A myth around town in Europe. • A day · Apple keeps the doctor away I.. Similarly, in the United States State of Vermont, once known for cardiac patients and Rheumatology patients. However, since the promotion of the Apple fruit vinegar with honey and then after drinking hot water dilution method, would greatly improve people’s chances of developing heart disease. In fact Apple’s mechanism ‘ is the modern medical research has shown that hypertensive disease to Jin and urge c accumulation of sodium, ingested the cuan money … is the cause of stroke and hypertension … Mentioned, and this is why we impose. Apples contain a certain amount of potassium long Zhu, patronising man of sodium in the blood can be displaced, enabling yin to lower blood pressure. Forbidden fruit key. contains more acid, ‘ but the decomposition of fat accumulation in the body. –
Also contain pectin, ~ a slip of fiber can help reduce alcohol black NET, against the effects of arteriosclerosis. Child Centre for HIV, at least eat a day, ~2 medium apples. As long as,;
Insist, will see the effect.

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