Go out to travel six essential first aid drugs

Summer, is the peak season for travel, so go out in the outside will be a little accident, so travel health is very important, carry a point commonly used in the preparation of drugs. In particular, the elderly and children, as well as their own people suffering from disease should pay more attention to the preparation of drugs and emergency supplies.
1, quick acting blood vessels – the onset of fast to help
Recommended drugs: nitroglycerin, Kyushin Pills.
Reminder: drug to carry or is told in advance where their accompanying family members placed drugs and the drug to complete with, spotted the shelf-life.
2, trauma medicine – rinse with a
The recommended medicine: bandage, sterile gauze, Yunnan Baiyao spray etc..
Reminder: the best water washed the wound before the band aid.
3, carsick medicine — take half an hour before the start of travel
The recommended medicine: Dramamine
Reminder: half an hour before taking the car, in order to ensure the effect after the car on the car.
4, anti intestinal infection drugs – – should not be used to send service
The recommended medicine: berberine, norfloxacin, Zhengchangsheng, smecta, yeast, etc..
Reminder: do not use fruit juice, beverages, drugs, the best use of warm water to take medicine.
5, anti allergy drugs – after adjusting the mood to consider taking medicine
Recommended medicines: anti-inflammatory antipruritic ointment external use medicine, do not choose the best ingredients containing hormones, if the medication effect is not good, can choose antihistamines such as flapping chlorpheniramine, loratadine, West cetirizine and so on.
Reminder: irritable mood can also cause skin itching and other symptoms, can adjust the mood but not to take medicine.
6, cold medicine – it is best not to bring granules
The recommended medicine: vitamin C Yinqiao Tablets, Riyebaifuning etc..
Reminder: do not recommend the use of drugs because the road is very likely because of water is not convenient to use, it is best to carry tablets or capsules, such as easy to take drugs.
Many elderly people are suffering from chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes and so on. So the old man out drugs must take the full, in addition to the need to take every day routine long-term drug also prepare emergency medicine, such as nitroglycerin, Suxiao Jiuxin Pill to avoid accidental, if chest pain and discomfort symptoms should be taken in a timely manner.
Note: be sure to check whether the drug expired before going out.
Journey in crowded because of the inevitable collision, scratches, etc., if only a small trauma, with simple band aid can play to prevent infection.
Journey in such as the emergence of the irresistible accident, need first aid and taken to hospital for treatment, do not blindly go to first time rushed to the hospital or professional rescue personnel, please, don’t go out because of the fear of trouble and delay in treatment.
Older drugs are needed in order to travel, can solve the rainy day, let our travel more secure, happy to enjoy the roadside scenery.

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