First aid supplies

First aid supplies
Is often in time and place in the people is difficult to surprise attack acute disease, is common to the family first aid box, it is impossible to carry it to the attack of the accident site. The following introduction of the use of several emergency supplies, we can come in handy in the emergency disposal.
1, can be used for emergency disposal in stockings bandage or with tourniquet.
2 tie can fracture fixation splint bandage or with tourniquet.
3 new towels can be used as a handkerchief, bleeding bleeding, but also can be used for cold wet packing.
Handkerchief boil for 15 minutes or 4 irons full after ironing can be used for disinfection with gauze.
As the spatula 5 chopsticks, spoon emetic.
Magazine, 6, ruler, thick paper, umbrella stick, it can make a splint in fracture.
How to carry the wounded
When someone was hurt or suffering from acute severe, in addition to take the corresponding emergency measures in the field, but also as soon as the injury the patient is transported to the hospital for treatment. Take the correct way of handling of the patient, is one of the important measures to save the patient ‘s, not the right way to move, give patients bring serious results.
Handling patient preparation
The patient do the necessary emergency disposal 1 before moving.
2 for stretchers and blankets and other supplies.
3 thought the most reasonable handling of the position of the patient.
4 to relax the patient’s clothes, but to keep warm.
5 to transfer patient’s assistant.
6, way resolution handling patient.
Handling patient way
1. Take the disease to help lower extremity injury patients, will the patient’s finger in the rescue personnel shoulder fracture patients can not use this way to carrying).
. holding handling this method commonly used in short interval ambulance, applicable to lighter weight babies or patients (patients with spinal cord injury or fracture is not applicable to this method handling).
3 bear handling for longer interval handling (not for loss of consciousness and fracture patients)
. with a blanket or sheet handling spread their blankets and sheets under the patient body. Tuochuang walked single file, or the patient wrapped and handling.
5 arm X arm with handling, let the patient sit up.
6 stretcher stretcher handling is the most commonly used tool for transporting the sick and wounded. Simple stretcher can be temporarily manufactured, commonly used door plank, wood, bamboo bed, clothes, chairs, etc..
Will ordinary sick and wounded onto the stretcher, one with a hand cradling the sick and wounded of the head and shoulders, another on the other one hand to hold the waist buttocks of a hand cradling the sick and wounded, the other hand cradling the wounded knee, two people also will hurt patient move, gently on the stretcher. When walking, the stretcher step to harmony and action should be consistent, in front of people step left foot, behind the people step the right foot, smooth moving.
Suspected with thoracic and lumbar fractures of the sick and wounded, stop hold in, a person moving double move carry, due to such handling easy aggravating spinal cord injury, and by the 3 with lifting, a boosting the scapular and help live service ministry and hip, other people help the extension and and rope of the two lower limbs, 3 people act at the same time the wounded quietly inserts. To the late plate stretcher. When the supine position, to the foot of the foot service with a high of about 10 cm of small pillow pad pad.
Of cervical spine injuries of the sick and wounded to special care, handling a don’t be careful have may lead to the formation of the risk, to a stretcher handling, 3-4 people should move together, the one jurisdictional head traction fixed, the head and trunk line position has always insisted, maintain the neck does not move. Another 2 people occupy the trunk, a stall of lower limb, with a harmonic motion will hurt patient straight lift onto the stretcher, and in the neck delegated a small pillow, head around on both sides of the cushion or a sandbag fixed.

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