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Keep a low profile, self protection

Keep a low profile, self protection
Hammered down, exposed rafters are rotten, I said, when the hard teeth, soft tongue. Soft than hard, doing nothing more than promising. Li Ka-shing, said keeping a low profile, to avoid companies could become a target of others. If you don’t show yourself, you do not mess with someone else’s hostile, others will not be able to capture your actual situation. Low-key is not in dispute, is not offensive, is avoided. In many cases, we don’t have everything, so everything to steal, or not for the benefit of a storm and was badly beaten. Honor humility before we learn to keep a low profile at the right time is not weakness and cringe, but a clever way of doing things, is the realm of great wisdom, life.
The so-called “low profile”, talking about our social intercourse of the peace, humility, tact and patience, and modality. In some cases, low profile to protect themselves and the vested interests against loss is essential.
Emperor Qin Shihuang terracotta warriors and horses Museum, a statue of was called “town of the treasure of the” stop before kneeling fire figurines there are many viewers for their moral posture of kneeling fire warriors and an exclamation point, the Guide says, kneeling fire warriors known as the Terra-Cotta Warriors in the essence, masterpiece of ancient Chinese sculpture. Look this one kneeling fire tomb figurines wear adorned with right overlapping part of knee-length dress, covered in black armor, Shin Shin guards, foot wear mouth block Alice pointed shoes right. Wan rounded bun. Left foot leg squat song. Erected right knee and right foot, toes inward, left side of the upper body slightly, her eyes bright, staring at the left front. Hands on the right side of the body with a crossbow-shaped. According to reports, the posture of kneeling fire call sitting. Two basic sitting and standing position was and Crossbow shooting action. Sitting shot steady Center of gravity, effort, easy to aim, and target small, is ideal for defensive or ambush shooting positions. Qin terracotta warriors and horses pits have been sprucing up figurines unearthed from more than more than 1000 so far, apart from the kneeling fire warriors,, there are varying degrees of damage, the need to manually fix. This statue of kneeling fire figurines are best preserved and the only one without a manual repair of the Terra Cotta Warriors, observe carefully, even the clothing line, hair is still clearly visible.
Kneeling fire warriors how to save so full? The Guide says, thanks to its low profile. First, kneeling fire figurine stands only 1. 2 meters, while ordinary standing warriors standing at 1. 8-1. 7 m. Monsters have a tall, pits are built underground tunnel-soil structure, and when the roof collapsed, when furniture, tall standing figures bear the brunt, and low profile kneeling fire damage to figurines, minimum. Second, Crouching kneeling kneeling fire warriors do, right foot, left foot three points of isosceles triangle supports the upper body, under gravity, strong border stability compared with the two standing standing figurine, more prone to tip over and broken. So, after more than 2000 years, Frost in, it still can complete appear in front of us.
By kneeling fire warriors in the thinking way of doing things. Young people often flamboyant young in early, they will not compromise, and may result in every turn. Green deep, knew the weight, to distinguish between primary and secondary, learned restraint, less publicity, not angry, concentrate. Like the kneeling fire warriors, keep life low profile, to avoid unnecessary controversy to avoid accidental injury, better protect themselves and develop their own, themselves.
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Emergency room

Emergency room
I live in a small city, after graduating from school, came to this place. From earthly Chushe ignorant, to gradually understand the troubles of life, from taste to the joy of life and work to slowly to get a thorough understanding of the mundane world many weakness and helplessness.
As the years return cycle, red dust in the ups and downs, time is the own hard to promote the marriage and family of the journey. With the advent of new life in the family, the life of the poem will add a new fun and content, life and work has also been a qualitative change – there are elderly parents, there is a young life. Since then, work, life, family, like three mutually complementary gear, tightly combined with together, firmly maintain the. Whether it is sunny spring, or poison day such as tiger on a hot summer afternoon, whether it is golden everywhere in the full autumn, or of icy snow winter night. The three boxes of gears are you leaning on me, I rely on you, maintain a unified whole, tirelessly in steady transmission, and spinning.
However, when the earth rotates to a warm winter in the imperceptibly, this guy is very heartless years. Hey a pair of parents, vigorous walking, stout, dark haired and smooth body, simply by pressing it into the bent back Tuo, shambling octogenarian.
Parents in the singing “sunset song” of the day, I feel deeply in mind that parents. Work, as far as possible by their side, to maximize their life in the warm heart Xu huai. Said they like the fun, Lao with them happy topic, to explore the things they care about, do they have to do housework. As possible so that they look forward, let their spiritual pillar keep optimistic, guide them to overcome the difficulties, longing for the good things, so don’t waste it valuable energy and time to lament their frail, make them happy to live each day.
However, when the son tried the filial piety, parents are always constantly suffering. Parents do not have the fairy also difficult to advanced in age, Fu fu. One morning, three years ago, I went to my mother’s house to take care of her daily life, who knows that her mother was dying in bed because of a heart attack. Critical juncture, quickly called the hospital emergency ambulance, rushed to the hospital emergency room to rescue. But the 86 year old mother because the age is too high, the heart and disease, the body is too weak, heart once stopped beating, Huitian pan force. Therefore, the final is irreparable. In nervous, frightened, sad state, that died in the emergency room will in my heart indistinct on the back a layer of gloomy.
And after a lapse of one year after, 97 year old father due to sickness danger and sent to the the emergency room, after a tense rescue, but in the end is not the father to rescue the back. The last day of my parents’ life was in the first aid room, finishing their hard, simple, good, honest life. But the emergency room, but remember once again left me sad and dark in my heart.
From the parents of the rescue and invalid reality, I saw the fragility of life, small, short, and the world’s helplessness and weakness. Yesterday was good for a parent, pronto. But they have to go to the another world, walk on and completed his way in life.
And in my dreams, I’m always waking up in the emergency room. The sad and alarming call, in deep midnight, so make people scared, make people sad, make people cry. The awakened after Chen was bathed in a wet towel, deer tears.
Now, whenever I passed from this section of the road, when I saw that in the emergency room, my heart produced a deep pain, a kind of unspeakable discomfort in my heart torture, channeling tour, kicking, tears will be in imperceptible in condensate orbital. Parents in the rescue scene or so deeply memory, always so vivid, even though so many years or so
Sometimes, I really want to, if you want to go through the road, you can bypass it, take another road, so, maybe his feelings will be better, it will not be so heavy. But then I thought, everyone is such a way to go, and even the emperor and the president. And, now those things have become history and once, so, let it in the long river of life gently floating over it, let it deep in the heart of a suitable location is good. People can not always live in the memories, always face the new life, new challenges, new issues, new future. In my parents’ generation did not pass through the road, you have to work harder, work harder, create a happier tomorrow.

Acute heart attack first aid

Acute heart attack first aid

According to statistics, China has 70% heart patients are unable to get proper and timely rescue died at home or in the field, and how such data is shocking. Heart attack suddenly, first aid must race against time, if the heart stops for 20 seconds, people will lose consciousness; 1 minute later stopped breathing; after 4-6 minutes of oxygen will cause irreversible damage to the brain and causes death, it is necessary to learn some basic first aid skills.

1, acute myocardial infarction
Acute myocardial infarction is a common symptom of heart disease, the patient of the pain the same as angina, symptoms and consequences much more serious than angina. Long duration of acute myocardial infarction, severe, patients definitely have to rest in bed, loose neckline, keep quiet and air ventilation. If a condition of the oxygen. Patients can sublingual nitroglycerin 1 piece or Isosorbide dinitrate 1 to 2 tablets, and immediately call a first-aid center. It is noteworthy that when patients do not take the bus or help a patient walk to hospitals, prevent exacerbations.
2, heart failure
Sudden breathing difficulties of patients with congestive heart failure, the patient must have a quiet rest, preferably half-lying position, two-foot drop, is eligible for an immediate oxygen, patients with heart failure will not be given, should be sent to hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible.
3, transient shock
Brief shock patients in four minutes without oxygen, and prone to sudden death phenomenon for more than 10 minutes then there is little hope of recovery. Patients should be gently down on the bed to increase blood flow, and let the patient sublingual Isosorbide dinitrate or lean upon pills and other drugs. Rhythmically tapping the heart with his fist, tap 2 to 3 times in a row, fists raised off the chest of 20 to 30 cm, rap makes the heart is stimulated, then artificial respiration, if conditional can let patients with oxygen.
Cardiac arrest, 4
No matter what the causes of respiratory and cardiac arrest patients, is the most dangerous man of life, are most in need of emergency assistance. The brain needs a lot of oxygen, breathing and heartbeat stopped, soon hypoxia of the brain, within 4 minutes, with half the brain cells are damaged; if patients in disease outbreaks within 4 minutes, can be effective first-aid measures, recovery rate of 50%, that 4 minute is called life-saving “Gold 4 minutes.” For more than 5 minutes and then the purpose of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, only one-fourth people might save every minute, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation success rate will drop from 7% to 10%, if more than 10 minutes then there is little hope of recovery.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation the patient must first lie, must be in a hard place, there was no problem in the ground, tapping his chest rhythmically with his fists hard left nipple inside (the heart), tapping two or three times in a row, fist raised 20~30 cm in the chest, after tapping, cardiac stimulation, can sometimes restore autonomy to beat. And then immediately the mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions, using manual methods for loop, each after 15 heart compressions and 2 rescue breaths.
Patients at the time of onset, before the heart stops beating to lose consciousness for a few seconds, try to save themselves, don’t hesitate to cough and cough can stimulate the heart just stopped, back beat. There are many types of heart disease, heart attack first aid measures are different, only master correct heart first aid can be in times of crisis to save a patient’s life.

Fainting occurs first aid methods

Fainting occurs first aid methods
At the time of our life, sometimes there will be some unexpected things occur, is there will be some unexpected behavior encountered when it is more difficult to deal with, this time we are supposed to know that some methods, so that, if met, can also be good to end hunger, or relieve. Specifically if some sudden fainting condition we should know and will do some simple emergency treatment, this is a great deal of help, is right.

If this is the case in General, largely is caused by anemia due to temporary circumstances. Find a will in a very short period of time there is no consciousness. This time. Patients first, suddenly have the strength, but is particularly weak in erhai Lake, the eyes are black and white special skin and lips are pale. And limbs were to sudden chills, and sweating occurs. Some people had received some shock, or stop time is particularly long and is very likely the case.

Encounter such a case, we should do some processing. We should be patient to lie down at this time, we should use is lower, feet are a little high, so, can make the brain’s blood supply is increased, then keep warm, is the need for more quiet, you can feed them sugar water. After General do, be sober, and if not, is the need to rush to the hospital.

Shock first aid

Shock first aid

Fire shock due to serious wounds, Burns, electric shock, fractures, severe pain and haemorrhage caused by a life-threatening wounded, extremely dangerous and serious syndrome. Although some of the wounds that don’t directly kill, but if treatment time, which often caused severe shock can be fatal to people. Symptoms of shock are the lips and pale, Coolness of extremities, pulse weak, rapid breathing, sweating, apathy, thirsty, severe cases may appear unresponsive, or even not conscious or unconscious, and lip cyanosis of the extremities, limbs were cold, hazy as the pulse, blood pressure decreased, anuria. Main method is to prevent shock and shock:
1. On the fire as soon as possible to find and rescue the injured, properly wound, bleeding, pollution and pain reduction. Especially for fractures, joint injuries, and chunks of soft tissue injuries, to be well fixed in a timely manner. Everything external to a timely and effective manner to stop bleeding. Determine internal bleeding of the wounded and rushed to hospital for medical treatment.
2. The emergency medical evacuation of the wounded, to be placed in a safe and secure place, let the casualty supine rest and warm comfort and care, to remove the wounded mind of worries. After treating the injured people getting short rest, hospital treatment as soon as possible.
3. For wounded with severe pain and pain medication. Or ear pain, the injury the applicable parts of point selection and matching door God, pillow, adrenal gland, cortex inferior points.
4. Not unconscious or visceral injury-free the wounded, several times with a few drinks, such as soup, rice soup, hot tea or salt water and so on. In addition, to keep warm in winter, should pay attention to heatstroke in summer, conditions to replace wet clothing, the casualty supine, keep breathing smooth, if necessary, should also be done. Unconscious wounded acupuncture, Shi Xuan, clearance, Yongquan point to first aid.

Emergency treatment of febrile convulsion in children

Emergency treatment of febrile convulsion in children
Febrile convulsion is a common emergency in pediatric clinic. More than 6 months to 3 years of age, children often occur in the upper respiratory tract infection, the sudden rise in body temperature, the general performance of generalized convulsions, the duration is short, the recovery is fast, the majority of the prognosis is good, the general to school age is no longer, but about 40% of children will relapse. Children with recurrent seizures of the brain will be damaged, so the parents and kindergarten teachers should learn to master some of this knowledge, to prevent the occurrence of seizures and brain damage, reduce sequelae. Once the child in the home of high fever convulsions, do not panic, but in the following steps:
1, keep quiet and let children prostrate immediately
Face to the right, unlock the buttoned to facilitate breathing, timely removal of mucus in the nose, to prevent inhalation of vomit or other secretions and suffocate.
2, to prevent the child bitten tongue
Put your chopsticks around the cloth pad between the upper and lower molars, if trismus is not necessary to interpolation. Immediately with a finger down people, hegu.
3, physical cooling
Unlock the child’s collar, belt, wipe the head and neck, armpit and thigh with warm water or alcohol, can also be used to apply to large amount of cold water towel head cooling, but must not wet the chest and abdomen.
4, send medical examination
After the child to stop the seizure, and then sent to the hospital after the smooth breathing. If more than 5 minutes of the seizure can not be relieved, or repeated attacks in a short period of time, a serious illness, must be rushed to the hospital. In transit, pay attention to the nose and mouth exposed, straighten the neck to maintain airway patency. To closely observe the child’s complexion is pale, pale, shortness of breath is difficult, or even suspended. It should be noted that some parents lack of medical knowledge, a child will be at a loss what to do with the clothing ventilation, hurriedly wrapped the child to the hospital, but also a very tight package, very easy to cause the child nose by blocking the respiratory tract obstruction, suffocation and even death.

Emergency treatment of stroke patients

Emergency treatment of stroke patients
People to old artery sclerosis, if the original hypertension, encounter complex emotion, anger, force or the morning after, headache, vomiting, paralyzed on one side, Kouyanwaixie, drooling, confusion, breathing snore or incontinence and other symptoms, should think of stroke. It is actually a mixture of cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis.
Main symptoms
1, the performance of headache, dizziness, tinnitus aura, body numbness and nausea.
2 common clinical manifestations of stroke: coma, vomiting, hemiplegia, aphasia. However, the incidence of each patient is different, can be expressed as the following one or a few. Specific performance:
(1) disorder of consciousness suddenly coma light trance or lethargy, wake up and sleep soon.
(2) body weakness or numbness of the face, upper limb, lower limb sensory disturbance, there is a sense of ants, no pain.
(3) unilateral upper limb or lower limb movement is not flexible, can not lift the weight, Yang Shuaijiao.
(4) the language barrier suddenly do not speak fluent or speechless.
(5) the pupil changes the side of the side of a small, or the size of the tip of the needle, or the enlargement of the bilateral.
(6) understanding the ability to decline or sudden memory loss.
(7) visual impairment is not clear on one side of the eye.
(8) the rotation of the eyeball is not flexible.
(9) urinary incontinence.
(10) the imbalance of the balance, the standing is not stable.
First aid method
1, keep quiet, immediately patientsupine. In order to maintain airway patency, the head to one side, to prevent inhalation of the trachea sputum, vomit. If the patient in a coma, issued strong snoring, tongue has been falling, available a handkerchief or gauze bag to patients with tongue, gently pulled forward.
2, with buttons, agitated solution belt, the holder and the air flow over the quiet. Don’t push the patient, pad high pillow or shake the head of the patient. Can gently twist the patient’s skin, in order to check the unconscious reaction.
3, check the patient’s vital signs, such as breathing, heartbeat stop, should immediately do cpr.
4, if the patient vomiting should be let the face turned to one side, remove the denture in the mouth, and with a clean handkerchief series around the fingers and stuck it into the clearing vomits and to prevent airway obstruction, causing suffocation. Do not use a towel and other things through the mouth, impede breathing.
5, the prohibition of water absorption to the patient, in order to prevent the wrong person caused by choking. If the patient is dry, use a cotton swab dipped in boiling water to moisten the lips with temperature.
6 when the patient had a seizure, wrapped in a handkerchief to the sick people, in order to prevent the tongue. Also called the handkerchief rolled. Mat between the upper and lower teeth.
7 conditions can be significantly elevated blood pressure of oxygen, but he can give Qing Wei oral antihypertensive drugs.
8 when the weather is cold to keep warm, hot days should be cooling. The patient’s head covered with a cold towel, due to vasoconstriction in the cold, can reduce bleeding. For a coma patient, if the doctor’s head. Hypothermia can play a role in protecting the brain. Carefully placed in the disease
9, in order to prevent the increase in cerebral hemorrhage, should be as far as possible to the doctor to treat. If you need to be sent to the hospital, near the hospital. In transit, the vehicle should be as smooth as possible, reduce the bumps and vibrations, and the patient’s head slightly higher, the nurse should always pay attention to changes in the condition of the patient.

How to compress

How to compress
Hot compress can make muscle relaxation, dilation of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, therefore, it has antiphlogistic, detumescence, relieving pain, reduce deep tissue congestion and maintain body temperature, it has anti-inflammatory effect.
Hot compress method
Hot compress method has two kinds: one is the dry heat therapy, with a hot water bag for hot compress, water temperature of 60 to 70 Eve joy, C, to the back of the hand test temperature not too hot is appropriate. Coma or local sensory paralysis patients and the elderly, children, when hot temperature should be withered to 50 Eve joy, C, will be hot water irrigation to the hot water bag 1 / 2 or 1 / 3 can discharge air in the bag, tighten the screw cap, put into the cloth sleeve or with a towel wrapped Hsueh, on the diseased parts. For the elderly and children, hot water bag can not be in direct contact with the skin, salt, rice or sand fried hot into a bag, instead of hot water bottle. Usually hot compress 20 ~ 30 minutes, every 3 to 4 times. Another hot compress is heat therapy, namely the towel soaked in hot water, wring to the Banzai after folding, compress temperature measured by hand, to hot for the degree, apply on the diseased part, outside the hot towel can then cover a layer of towels or cotton pad, to retain more heat. Generally every 3 to 5 minutes to replace a towel, preferably with two towel used. Each hot compress time is 15 to 20 minutes; the number of 3 to 4 times a day. After winter wet compress, the patient should go out more than half an hour later, in order to prevent a cold.
1. No matter what kind of hot compress method should prevent burns, especially children, coma patients and the elderly, and blood circulation of the paralysis, diabetes and nephritis not 26 or feel insensitive patients. Use hot compress, should always check the changes of local skin, such as red scar, should immediately stop.
2. Hot compress as therapy combined with application to early cloth swollen, sty, arthritis, dysmenorrhea, cold induced abdominal pain and low back and leg pain. However, when the abdomen of undiagnosed, such as acute appendicitis, the face or mouth purulent infection, various visceral hemorrhage, early joint sprain, soft tissue contusion of early (within 48 hours of) edema, disable the hot compress. The hot compress is contraindicated in patients with shock.

First aid supplies

First aid supplies
Is often in time and place in the people is difficult to surprise attack acute disease, is common to the family first aid box, it is impossible to carry it to the attack of the accident site. The following introduction of the use of several emergency supplies, we can come in handy in the emergency disposal.
1, can be used for emergency disposal in stockings bandage or with tourniquet.
2 tie can fracture fixation splint bandage or with tourniquet.
3 new towels can be used as a handkerchief, bleeding bleeding, but also can be used for cold wet packing.
Handkerchief boil for 15 minutes or 4 irons full after ironing can be used for disinfection with gauze.
As the spatula 5 chopsticks, spoon emetic.
Magazine, 6, ruler, thick paper, umbrella stick, it can make a splint in fracture.
How to carry the wounded
When someone was hurt or suffering from acute severe, in addition to take the corresponding emergency measures in the field, but also as soon as the injury the patient is transported to the hospital for treatment. Take the correct way of handling of the patient, is one of the important measures to save the patient ‘s, not the right way to move, give patients bring serious results.
Handling patient preparation
The patient do the necessary emergency disposal 1 before moving.
2 for stretchers and blankets and other supplies.
3 thought the most reasonable handling of the position of the patient.
4 to relax the patient’s clothes, but to keep warm.
5 to transfer patient’s assistant.
6, way resolution handling patient.
Handling patient way
1. Take the disease to help lower extremity injury patients, will the patient’s finger in the rescue personnel shoulder fracture patients can not use this way to carrying).
. holding handling this method commonly used in short interval ambulance, applicable to lighter weight babies or patients (patients with spinal cord injury or fracture is not applicable to this method handling).
3 bear handling for longer interval handling (not for loss of consciousness and fracture patients)
. with a blanket or sheet handling spread their blankets and sheets under the patient body. Tuochuang walked single file, or the patient wrapped and handling.
5 arm X arm with handling, let the patient sit up.
6 stretcher stretcher handling is the most commonly used tool for transporting the sick and wounded. Simple stretcher can be temporarily manufactured, commonly used door plank, wood, bamboo bed, clothes, chairs, etc..
Will ordinary sick and wounded onto the stretcher, one with a hand cradling the sick and wounded of the head and shoulders, another on the other one hand to hold the waist buttocks of a hand cradling the sick and wounded, the other hand cradling the wounded knee, two people also will hurt patient move, gently on the stretcher. When walking, the stretcher step to harmony and action should be consistent, in front of people step left foot, behind the people step the right foot, smooth moving.
Suspected with thoracic and lumbar fractures of the sick and wounded, stop hold in, a person moving double move carry, due to such handling easy aggravating spinal cord injury, and by the 3 with lifting, a boosting the scapular and help live service ministry and hip, other people help the extension and and rope of the two lower limbs, 3 people act at the same time the wounded quietly inserts. To the late plate stretcher. When the supine position, to the foot of the foot service with a high of about 10 cm of small pillow pad pad.
Of cervical spine injuries of the sick and wounded to special care, handling a don’t be careful have may lead to the formation of the risk, to a stretcher handling, 3-4 people should move together, the one jurisdictional head traction fixed, the head and trunk line position has always insisted, maintain the neck does not move. Another 2 people occupy the trunk, a stall of lower limb, with a harmonic motion will hurt patient straight lift onto the stretcher, and in the neck delegated a small pillow, head around on both sides of the cushion or a sandbag fixed.