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Emergency room life

Emergency room life

After 5 years in medical school teacher, I went to apply for graduate students, because I wanted to be a doctor.   Why do doctor? I go on a field trip to a hospital in the 1980 of the 20th century, saw a lot of people suffering from the illness, doctors can relieve the pain of patients, I think that the medical profession is very sacred. I graduate in a few years, into a hospital in Hangzhou has been a physician in hematology. For solid doctor, I read Dr, specializing in hematology.   Hospital me into the Emergency Department as a Department Director. In the Emergency Department did hard, but had a lot of positive, Hangzhou City, won the top ten health youth May Fourth youth Medal, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province outstanding young guards … …   Embarrassed to say, I am actually very simple, I just want to be a good doctor.   Help, can’t save a watched pot never boils room only hundreds of square meters, here, reverse sometimes the moment of life and death, here played to death, wonders what happened, grief or joy to face humanity, as is society in miniature. Taxi one day to a cerebrovascular accident, breathing, heart-stopping in the elderly. Accompany with old to his old wife. Busy on our side to open the airway, chest compressions, and open pipes, tense rescue, an old wife aside demands, demands that we save as well as to ensure the patient can work as usual.   At that time, we thought, had never seen anyone in such a crucial time, make such a request. This is a senior engineer for the old man, the man has been working in retirement, more than more than 70 years old, all day without a break.   This morning, he left home as usual, just walked to the door, feeling chest tightness shortness, had not gone home fell. Old rescue, vital signs are stable, but unconscious. The next day, their daughter, was called back from Shanghai, she told us that she has to work, unable to care for her father.   Old lady said to us, I take care of him, too much for me. We do not know what they mean, he said to them, the old man currently in a stable condition, but needs to be hospitalized. Old lady made to remove various rescue intubation. Part with a family like this is unquestionably more than 70 years old, and is rarely seen.   This probably is related to the idea, I was beyond reproach. But the old lady said next shocked me. He lived like this, his pain, my pain.   Besides, he can’t work, there’s no use now?   In the eyes of their relatives, who live only to work, I feel sad for the patient. People really don’t like. There is an old woman, accompanied his wife to the emergency clinic every year.  His wife now has more than 80 years old, 16 years ago, a stroke, and confined to bed for a long time, bent into a whole people, can not speak without consciousness, incontinence, not eating, and ground into a paste-like foods, depends on a gastric tube put in. Old woman served for 16 years, afraid of his long-term urinary catheter infections, as he hand-stitched pockets of urine, the tape is soft, not hurting him, does not get dirty.   In her eyes, the old man just could not speak, he knew everything. Home of delicious, every time she wants him to get a taste. Said the old lady, joys and sorrows of life experience is that three meals a day. She fed him always said: eat, eat! she thought the world fresh, old man can always smacked a taste.   However, the old man mostly unable to swallow, choking the lungs, ranging from choking over, crime is aspiration pneumonia and sent to a hospital.   Every time we and the old lady says, will not be fed from the mouth, the old lady always say: pretty hard when he was young, and children just promise, our day was better, he got the disease.   Old lady and his wife’s story continues, such a relationship, and now people are learning not to, I’m afraid. Man, is not the same, life also varies in the different components of the heart.   Doctor, can save lives, but can’t save. Lightness of life without turning back. Further progress of medicine, birth, has its laws, not a doctor of skills we will be able to back. Some patients see once in a lifetime, on the medical records on only one page, this page is for death records.   Can keep his life, there is nothing more to be proud of? 3 years ago on a hot day, when the ambulance, the patient is not breathing and heartbeat. Lorry says had no vital signs when they arrived.  For such patients, we are usually rescuing, not for anything else, for that 1% or less hope of survival, but also for moral. The Anhui native, after 40 minutes of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, restored the heart, there is a little breath. What is CPR? is the uninterrupted chest compressions, coupled with advanced life support and mechanical ventilation. Especially the chest compressions, a young doctor was wet with sweat when I was 15 minutes.   Pressing power not too heavy, not too light and heavy ribs are broke, too light, heart jumped up. At night, we are 3 doctors and 3 nurses all night guarding. Night guys and two breathing and heartbeat stop suddenly, are we saved back in time. He is young, we hold a great deal of hope.   Throughout the night, we couldn’t careless as breath curves on the monitor has been unstable, intermittent, always let us not at ease.   At 9 in the morning the next day, been a whole 15 hour, just when his seemingly stable, the young man’s breathing and heartbeat suddenly stopped, this time no matter how much we save, his heart could not jump up again. Looking at screamed at families, then check out our exhausted doctors and nurses, I feel sad, tears dripping down.   This to me is a rare occurrence, with aggrieved constituents, because all of our hard work and pay not the slightest returns, that life and go away magically.   These lives, while there is only one page in the book of records, but it has left a deep mark in my heart. Remember, one scientist said, scientific medicine is not the truth. I think in my mind those lingering cases, hoping to find more individual, more suitable options, such as rescue programmes, administration and dosage details, if bold, can save their life?

Doctors must be calm, rational people say doctors of stone, where they know, emotional, taboo is to be a doctor.   12 Typhoon blows through sudden, doctors called the eye of the generals to be calm, sensible. Ambulance, patients are on the line, just at the moment of life and death. Patients verbal difficulties, we have only seen symptoms, we must surface, leaving no stone unturned.   Sometimes left doctors only 10 seconds 20 seconds of thinking time, doctors in a very short period of time to make an accurate diagnosis and emergency treatment.   At this point, we usually expressionless, but blustery.   The patient is only 36 years old, come from Guizhou to work, he knows he can’t call home the previous day, mourning let set him back. The next morning, tickets have not had time to buy, people went. Ambulance, and after a brief check, we diagnosed patients is caused by severe pulmonary tuberculosis with respiratory failure.   We spot as he did a tracheotomy, intubation, established venous access, stable vital signs, stable blood pressure, rapid rehydration, and speed related Department doctor consultation, prompt treatment plan, and 24-hour care.   Since we started the rescue, his wife had been kneeling there. They have two sons, aged 10, small Lark was pushed into the pool and drowned. Because the sad, the couple left his hometown to work.  Working mostly do physical work, the man sick, finding a job is difficult, and several cities, and finally to Hangzhou, but could not find work in Hangzhou, is increasing, and only 40 Yuan. Faced with this patient, our hearts are heavy, health care costs and critical illness family pressure to lift the head.   My colleagues and I said, must find a way to save his life, or at least to let him go home alive. By the third day, not to mention the cost of treatment, they even eat into question. Our head nurse bring some food to them from their homes, but it is not a long-term solution, consulting, we decided in the Department initiated donation. Contributions to us like this is often the case, no one would feel inappropriate.   Later contributions is extended to the entire hospital, and then later through the media, there is someone to donate. Patients take the money to the families, to the hospital as the cost of treatment.   I was touched by their simple, because we come across such a thing, as soon as some people get contributions into their own pockets, medical expenses can be dragged in tow. After 12 days, the patient’s endotracheal intubation smooth pull, feed, and also improved markedly. When being discharged from the settlement, except for medical expenses, leaving more than 10,000 yuan of money they can take home.   It makes me feel relieved.   The 15th day, I asked my colleagues to help them buy tickets back to Guizhou, and eating snacks on the road, send them on a train.  But I know the patient’s future is not good, if there is no money to do follow-up treatment, back is waiting to die. In this life, how much can I save lives during the day, I just had dinner at home, cell phones rang, wants me to go to the hospital, said is more difficult. Get a word in here, all our emergency room doctors and nurses are like cell phone is a boot, a phone call, did not demur, rushed to the hospitals to participate in first aid, whether it is before midnight or after midnight, also work as usual the next day, it’s been like this.   Things at home are all to his wife, she is an eye doctor, I understand. To Corey, rescue found no patients on the beds.   If the patient is sitting right there, one of more than 70 years of age, mental state, asks him, there is no discomfort. I saw his lips were purple, not purple. Should be severe hypoxia, oxygen saturation monitoring only 90% not to.   If the status of this hypoxemia continues, will cause systemic hypoxia, multiple organ failure leading to death. Doctors had to give him oxygen, but without any improvement in blood oxygen saturation, this is not a joke.   Good life went, we see more. Cause is unknown, doctors can’t use.   Symptomatic drugs are there, but the drug itself is toxic if not used the right way, patients are not only invalid, but worse. Over and over asking doctors did not find the cause. Based on experience, the elderly should be nitrite poisoning, poison generally come from food, for example, salted, moldy things can cause food poisoning.   But the old man and his wife were denied eating such foods. Asking without success, I started flipping through the old records, a page after page in the past, found that surgery in the first half for the elderly see cholecystitis, medical records show, the old man refused to cut instead of taking Chinese medicines. I was moved, asked the old man, separately whether there is a need to take prescription medicine? the old man thought for a moment, saying yes, needs a separate package of white powder and then drunk. What is it? the saltpeter.   Is it! my name out.   I said to the doctors and nurses, all removal of guardianship, intravenous injection with methylene blue, 15 minutes later, the old man can go home. As I expected, after injecting the drug, oxygen saturation quickly rose to 100%, the old man’s lip color back to normal. Our young doctors and nurses, said Director Hello niua! in fact, I am the origin of traditional Chinese medicine, heard when taking Chinese medicines for the elderly, I think of saltpeter, which is commonly used drug for TCM treatment of cholecystitis.   Element of saltpeter is potassium nitrate, nitrite content is extremely high, it is entirely possible poisoning.   That day I was standing in front of the Department, watched as the old man out of the hospital, there is a calm sense of satisfaction, that idea in my mind: this life, how much can I save lives? Still want to be a good doctor and we doctors in the Emergency Department, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every day, fall, stab wounds, injuries, drowning, suicide by taking poison people.   The human eye is extremely sensitive to the things we have in common, but there is still negative impact on us.   Most of us sleep well, but we have to even take sleeping pills at the time, not just to eat, such as night shift, before midnight dare eat? can’t. Now we all know of the medical environment, tense doctor-patient relationship, from a variety of factors in the community too much, not unilaterally caused by the doctor, have their roots in the society.   Especially the crisis of trust between doctors and patients, hampering doctors on patient care innovations, we must always communicate with families, repeatedly sought advice from a certain perspective, we lose our rescue patients should take the initiative. We used to save a patient, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction of large area. When sent, that tone Watch has no, but being saved back.   You must do a stent as soon as possible, and the patient’s family is not to trust us, request transfers. Later in a provincial hospital, after a successful surgery, patients give doctors sent to pennants. Doctors, they say, our operation is a success, is thanks to the front of the hospital first aid, they were pretty successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is an opportunity for us to do surgery, you have to thank a doctor in that hospital.   Patients came later, sends banner, said this remark. Sometimes, I really want to say to families, regardless of opinion about doctors in society, no matter what rumors throughout physician groups, good doctors are in the majority. What doctors don’t want to cure patients? cure almost every doctor’s ultimate wish. I know these may now say that no one wants to hear, but it’s the truth.   Especially when saving the patient, patients and their families should stand together and doctors, trust the doctor, it’s good for the patient, the doctor.   Hard kick everybody knows of the doctor, let us let go don’t say, I don’t like to complain, because as a doctor, something must have tolerance. Doctor, doctor is more difficult. But as long as a day patient back from the dead, that sense of accomplishment sufficient to keep me to be a doctor, but is to be a good doctor.

High blood pressure remedies–Apple

A myth around town in Europe. • A day · Apple keeps the doctor away I.. Similarly, in the United States State of Vermont, once known for cardiac patients and Rheumatology patients. However, since the promotion of the Apple fruit vinegar with honey and then after drinking hot water dilution method, would greatly improve people’s chances of developing heart disease. In fact Apple’s mechanism ‘ is the modern medical research has shown that hypertensive disease to Jin and urge c accumulation of sodium, ingested the cuan money … is the cause of stroke and hypertension … Mentioned, and this is why we impose. Apples contain a certain amount of potassium long Zhu, patronising man of sodium in the blood can be displaced, enabling yin to lower blood pressure. Forbidden fruit key. contains more acid, ‘ but the decomposition of fat accumulation in the body. –
Also contain pectin, ~ a slip of fiber can help reduce alcohol black NET, against the effects of arteriosclerosis. Child Centre for HIV, at least eat a day, ~2 medium apples. As long as,;
Insist, will see the effect.