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Go out to travel six essential first aid drugs

Summer, is the peak season for travel, so go out in the outside will be a little accident, so travel health is very important, carry a point commonly used in the preparation of drugs. In particular, the elderly and children, as well as their own people suffering from disease should pay more attention to the preparation of drugs and emergency supplies.
1, quick acting blood vessels – the onset of fast to help
Recommended drugs: nitroglycerin, Kyushin Pills.
Reminder: drug to carry or is told in advance where their accompanying family members placed drugs and the drug to complete with, spotted the shelf-life.
2, trauma medicine – rinse with a
The recommended medicine: bandage, sterile gauze, Yunnan Baiyao spray etc..
Reminder: the best water washed the wound before the band aid.
3, carsick medicine — take half an hour before the start of travel
The recommended medicine: Dramamine
Reminder: half an hour before taking the car, in order to ensure the effect after the car on the car.
4, anti intestinal infection drugs – – should not be used to send service
The recommended medicine: berberine, norfloxacin, Zhengchangsheng, smecta, yeast, etc..
Reminder: do not use fruit juice, beverages, drugs, the best use of warm water to take medicine.
5, anti allergy drugs – after adjusting the mood to consider taking medicine
Recommended medicines: anti-inflammatory antipruritic ointment external use medicine, do not choose the best ingredients containing hormones, if the medication effect is not good, can choose antihistamines such as flapping chlorpheniramine, loratadine, West cetirizine and so on.
Reminder: irritable mood can also cause skin itching and other symptoms, can adjust the mood but not to take medicine.
6, cold medicine – it is best not to bring granules
The recommended medicine: vitamin C Yinqiao Tablets, Riyebaifuning etc..
Reminder: do not recommend the use of drugs because the road is very likely because of water is not convenient to use, it is best to carry tablets or capsules, such as easy to take drugs.
Many elderly people are suffering from chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes and so on. So the old man out drugs must take the full, in addition to the need to take every day routine long-term drug also prepare emergency medicine, such as nitroglycerin, Suxiao Jiuxin Pill to avoid accidental, if chest pain and discomfort symptoms should be taken in a timely manner.
Note: be sure to check whether the drug expired before going out.
Journey in crowded because of the inevitable collision, scratches, etc., if only a small trauma, with simple band aid can play to prevent infection.
Journey in such as the emergence of the irresistible accident, need first aid and taken to hospital for treatment, do not blindly go to first time rushed to the hospital or professional rescue personnel, please, don’t go out because of the fear of trouble and delay in treatment.
Older drugs are needed in order to travel, can solve the rainy day, let our travel more secure, happy to enjoy the roadside scenery.

Keep a low profile, self protection

Keep a low profile, self protection
Hammered down, exposed rafters are rotten, I said, when the hard teeth, soft tongue. Soft than hard, doing nothing more than promising. Li Ka-shing, said keeping a low profile, to avoid companies could become a target of others. If you don’t show yourself, you do not mess with someone else’s hostile, others will not be able to capture your actual situation. Low-key is not in dispute, is not offensive, is avoided. In many cases, we don’t have everything, so everything to steal, or not for the benefit of a storm and was badly beaten. Honor humility before we learn to keep a low profile at the right time is not weakness and cringe, but a clever way of doing things, is the realm of great wisdom, life.
The so-called “low profile”, talking about our social intercourse of the peace, humility, tact and patience, and modality. In some cases, low profile to protect themselves and the vested interests against loss is essential.
Emperor Qin Shihuang terracotta warriors and horses Museum, a statue of was called “town of the treasure of the” stop before kneeling fire figurines there are many viewers for their moral posture of kneeling fire warriors and an exclamation point, the Guide says, kneeling fire warriors known as the Terra-Cotta Warriors in the essence, masterpiece of ancient Chinese sculpture. Look this one kneeling fire tomb figurines wear adorned with right overlapping part of knee-length dress, covered in black armor, Shin Shin guards, foot wear mouth block Alice pointed shoes right. Wan rounded bun. Left foot leg squat song. Erected right knee and right foot, toes inward, left side of the upper body slightly, her eyes bright, staring at the left front. Hands on the right side of the body with a crossbow-shaped. According to reports, the posture of kneeling fire call sitting. Two basic sitting and standing position was and Crossbow shooting action. Sitting shot steady Center of gravity, effort, easy to aim, and target small, is ideal for defensive or ambush shooting positions. Qin terracotta warriors and horses pits have been sprucing up figurines unearthed from more than more than 1000 so far, apart from the kneeling fire warriors,, there are varying degrees of damage, the need to manually fix. This statue of kneeling fire figurines are best preserved and the only one without a manual repair of the Terra Cotta Warriors, observe carefully, even the clothing line, hair is still clearly visible.
Kneeling fire warriors how to save so full? The Guide says, thanks to its low profile. First, kneeling fire figurine stands only 1. 2 meters, while ordinary standing warriors standing at 1. 8-1. 7 m. Monsters have a tall, pits are built underground tunnel-soil structure, and when the roof collapsed, when furniture, tall standing figures bear the brunt, and low profile kneeling fire damage to figurines, minimum. Second, Crouching kneeling kneeling fire warriors do, right foot, left foot three points of isosceles triangle supports the upper body, under gravity, strong border stability compared with the two standing standing figurine, more prone to tip over and broken. So, after more than 2000 years, Frost in, it still can complete appear in front of us.
By kneeling fire warriors in the thinking way of doing things. Young people often flamboyant young in early, they will not compromise, and may result in every turn. Green deep, knew the weight, to distinguish between primary and secondary, learned restraint, less publicity, not angry, concentrate. Like the kneeling fire warriors, keep life low profile, to avoid unnecessary controversy to avoid accidental injury, better protect themselves and develop their own, themselves.
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Emergency room life

Emergency room life

After 5 years in medical school teacher, I went to apply for graduate students, because I wanted to be a doctor.   Why do doctor? I go on a field trip to a hospital in the 1980 of the 20th century, saw a lot of people suffering from the illness, doctors can relieve the pain of patients, I think that the medical profession is very sacred. I graduate in a few years, into a hospital in Hangzhou has been a physician in hematology. For solid doctor, I read Dr, specializing in hematology.   Hospital me into the Emergency Department as a Department Director. In the Emergency Department did hard, but had a lot of positive, Hangzhou City, won the top ten health youth May Fourth youth Medal, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province outstanding young guards … …   Embarrassed to say, I am actually very simple, I just want to be a good doctor.   Help, can’t save a watched pot never boils room only hundreds of square meters, here, reverse sometimes the moment of life and death, here played to death, wonders what happened, grief or joy to face humanity, as is society in miniature. Taxi one day to a cerebrovascular accident, breathing, heart-stopping in the elderly. Accompany with old to his old wife. Busy on our side to open the airway, chest compressions, and open pipes, tense rescue, an old wife aside demands, demands that we save as well as to ensure the patient can work as usual.   At that time, we thought, had never seen anyone in such a crucial time, make such a request. This is a senior engineer for the old man, the man has been working in retirement, more than more than 70 years old, all day without a break.   This morning, he left home as usual, just walked to the door, feeling chest tightness shortness, had not gone home fell. Old rescue, vital signs are stable, but unconscious. The next day, their daughter, was called back from Shanghai, she told us that she has to work, unable to care for her father.   Old lady said to us, I take care of him, too much for me. We do not know what they mean, he said to them, the old man currently in a stable condition, but needs to be hospitalized. Old lady made to remove various rescue intubation. Part with a family like this is unquestionably more than 70 years old, and is rarely seen.   This probably is related to the idea, I was beyond reproach. But the old lady said next shocked me. He lived like this, his pain, my pain.   Besides, he can’t work, there’s no use now?   In the eyes of their relatives, who live only to work, I feel sad for the patient. People really don’t like. There is an old woman, accompanied his wife to the emergency clinic every year.  His wife now has more than 80 years old, 16 years ago, a stroke, and confined to bed for a long time, bent into a whole people, can not speak without consciousness, incontinence, not eating, and ground into a paste-like foods, depends on a gastric tube put in. Old woman served for 16 years, afraid of his long-term urinary catheter infections, as he hand-stitched pockets of urine, the tape is soft, not hurting him, does not get dirty.   In her eyes, the old man just could not speak, he knew everything. Home of delicious, every time she wants him to get a taste. Said the old lady, joys and sorrows of life experience is that three meals a day. She fed him always said: eat, eat! she thought the world fresh, old man can always smacked a taste.   However, the old man mostly unable to swallow, choking the lungs, ranging from choking over, crime is aspiration pneumonia and sent to a hospital.   Every time we and the old lady says, will not be fed from the mouth, the old lady always say: pretty hard when he was young, and children just promise, our day was better, he got the disease.   Old lady and his wife’s story continues, such a relationship, and now people are learning not to, I’m afraid. Man, is not the same, life also varies in the different components of the heart.   Doctor, can save lives, but can’t save. Lightness of life without turning back. Further progress of medicine, birth, has its laws, not a doctor of skills we will be able to back. Some patients see once in a lifetime, on the medical records on only one page, this page is for death records.   Can keep his life, there is nothing more to be proud of? 3 years ago on a hot day, when the ambulance, the patient is not breathing and heartbeat. Lorry says had no vital signs when they arrived.  For such patients, we are usually rescuing, not for anything else, for that 1% or less hope of survival, but also for moral. The Anhui native, after 40 minutes of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, restored the heart, there is a little breath. What is CPR? is the uninterrupted chest compressions, coupled with advanced life support and mechanical ventilation. Especially the chest compressions, a young doctor was wet with sweat when I was 15 minutes.   Pressing power not too heavy, not too light and heavy ribs are broke, too light, heart jumped up. At night, we are 3 doctors and 3 nurses all night guarding. Night guys and two breathing and heartbeat stop suddenly, are we saved back in time. He is young, we hold a great deal of hope.   Throughout the night, we couldn’t careless as breath curves on the monitor has been unstable, intermittent, always let us not at ease.   At 9 in the morning the next day, been a whole 15 hour, just when his seemingly stable, the young man’s breathing and heartbeat suddenly stopped, this time no matter how much we save, his heart could not jump up again. Looking at screamed at families, then check out our exhausted doctors and nurses, I feel sad, tears dripping down.   This to me is a rare occurrence, with aggrieved constituents, because all of our hard work and pay not the slightest returns, that life and go away magically.   These lives, while there is only one page in the book of records, but it has left a deep mark in my heart. Remember, one scientist said, scientific medicine is not the truth. I think in my mind those lingering cases, hoping to find more individual, more suitable options, such as rescue programmes, administration and dosage details, if bold, can save their life?

Doctors must be calm, rational people say doctors of stone, where they know, emotional, taboo is to be a doctor.   12 Typhoon blows through sudden, doctors called the eye of the generals to be calm, sensible. Ambulance, patients are on the line, just at the moment of life and death. Patients verbal difficulties, we have only seen symptoms, we must surface, leaving no stone unturned.   Sometimes left doctors only 10 seconds 20 seconds of thinking time, doctors in a very short period of time to make an accurate diagnosis and emergency treatment.   At this point, we usually expressionless, but blustery.   The patient is only 36 years old, come from Guizhou to work, he knows he can’t call home the previous day, mourning let set him back. The next morning, tickets have not had time to buy, people went. Ambulance, and after a brief check, we diagnosed patients is caused by severe pulmonary tuberculosis with respiratory failure.   We spot as he did a tracheotomy, intubation, established venous access, stable vital signs, stable blood pressure, rapid rehydration, and speed related Department doctor consultation, prompt treatment plan, and 24-hour care.   Since we started the rescue, his wife had been kneeling there. They have two sons, aged 10, small Lark was pushed into the pool and drowned. Because the sad, the couple left his hometown to work.  Working mostly do physical work, the man sick, finding a job is difficult, and several cities, and finally to Hangzhou, but could not find work in Hangzhou, is increasing, and only 40 Yuan. Faced with this patient, our hearts are heavy, health care costs and critical illness family pressure to lift the head.   My colleagues and I said, must find a way to save his life, or at least to let him go home alive. By the third day, not to mention the cost of treatment, they even eat into question. Our head nurse bring some food to them from their homes, but it is not a long-term solution, consulting, we decided in the Department initiated donation. Contributions to us like this is often the case, no one would feel inappropriate.   Later contributions is extended to the entire hospital, and then later through the media, there is someone to donate. Patients take the money to the families, to the hospital as the cost of treatment.   I was touched by their simple, because we come across such a thing, as soon as some people get contributions into their own pockets, medical expenses can be dragged in tow. After 12 days, the patient’s endotracheal intubation smooth pull, feed, and also improved markedly. When being discharged from the settlement, except for medical expenses, leaving more than 10,000 yuan of money they can take home.   It makes me feel relieved.   The 15th day, I asked my colleagues to help them buy tickets back to Guizhou, and eating snacks on the road, send them on a train.  But I know the patient’s future is not good, if there is no money to do follow-up treatment, back is waiting to die. In this life, how much can I save lives during the day, I just had dinner at home, cell phones rang, wants me to go to the hospital, said is more difficult. Get a word in here, all our emergency room doctors and nurses are like cell phone is a boot, a phone call, did not demur, rushed to the hospitals to participate in first aid, whether it is before midnight or after midnight, also work as usual the next day, it’s been like this.   Things at home are all to his wife, she is an eye doctor, I understand. To Corey, rescue found no patients on the beds.   If the patient is sitting right there, one of more than 70 years of age, mental state, asks him, there is no discomfort. I saw his lips were purple, not purple. Should be severe hypoxia, oxygen saturation monitoring only 90% not to.   If the status of this hypoxemia continues, will cause systemic hypoxia, multiple organ failure leading to death. Doctors had to give him oxygen, but without any improvement in blood oxygen saturation, this is not a joke.   Good life went, we see more. Cause is unknown, doctors can’t use.   Symptomatic drugs are there, but the drug itself is toxic if not used the right way, patients are not only invalid, but worse. Over and over asking doctors did not find the cause. Based on experience, the elderly should be nitrite poisoning, poison generally come from food, for example, salted, moldy things can cause food poisoning.   But the old man and his wife were denied eating such foods. Asking without success, I started flipping through the old records, a page after page in the past, found that surgery in the first half for the elderly see cholecystitis, medical records show, the old man refused to cut instead of taking Chinese medicines. I was moved, asked the old man, separately whether there is a need to take prescription medicine? the old man thought for a moment, saying yes, needs a separate package of white powder and then drunk. What is it? the saltpeter.   Is it! my name out.   I said to the doctors and nurses, all removal of guardianship, intravenous injection with methylene blue, 15 minutes later, the old man can go home. As I expected, after injecting the drug, oxygen saturation quickly rose to 100%, the old man’s lip color back to normal. Our young doctors and nurses, said Director Hello niua! in fact, I am the origin of traditional Chinese medicine, heard when taking Chinese medicines for the elderly, I think of saltpeter, which is commonly used drug for TCM treatment of cholecystitis.   Element of saltpeter is potassium nitrate, nitrite content is extremely high, it is entirely possible poisoning.   That day I was standing in front of the Department, watched as the old man out of the hospital, there is a calm sense of satisfaction, that idea in my mind: this life, how much can I save lives? Still want to be a good doctor and we doctors in the Emergency Department, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every day, fall, stab wounds, injuries, drowning, suicide by taking poison people.   The human eye is extremely sensitive to the things we have in common, but there is still negative impact on us.   Most of us sleep well, but we have to even take sleeping pills at the time, not just to eat, such as night shift, before midnight dare eat? can’t. Now we all know of the medical environment, tense doctor-patient relationship, from a variety of factors in the community too much, not unilaterally caused by the doctor, have their roots in the society.   Especially the crisis of trust between doctors and patients, hampering doctors on patient care innovations, we must always communicate with families, repeatedly sought advice from a certain perspective, we lose our rescue patients should take the initiative. We used to save a patient, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction of large area. When sent, that tone Watch has no, but being saved back.   You must do a stent as soon as possible, and the patient’s family is not to trust us, request transfers. Later in a provincial hospital, after a successful surgery, patients give doctors sent to pennants. Doctors, they say, our operation is a success, is thanks to the front of the hospital first aid, they were pretty successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is an opportunity for us to do surgery, you have to thank a doctor in that hospital.   Patients came later, sends banner, said this remark. Sometimes, I really want to say to families, regardless of opinion about doctors in society, no matter what rumors throughout physician groups, good doctors are in the majority. What doctors don’t want to cure patients? cure almost every doctor’s ultimate wish. I know these may now say that no one wants to hear, but it’s the truth.   Especially when saving the patient, patients and their families should stand together and doctors, trust the doctor, it’s good for the patient, the doctor.   Hard kick everybody knows of the doctor, let us let go don’t say, I don’t like to complain, because as a doctor, something must have tolerance. Doctor, doctor is more difficult. But as long as a day patient back from the dead, that sense of accomplishment sufficient to keep me to be a doctor, but is to be a good doctor.

First aid common sense

First aid common sense
We are in work and life, from time to time will encounter trauma. Damage to the skin, blood vessels and nerves, fractures, and so will inevitably lead to bleeding. Accounts for about one’s circulating blood volume weight of 8%, and the blood loss was less than the total blood volume 5% (200 ~ 300 ml), the body can be automatically compensated; blood loss more than 20% of total blood volume (about 800 ~ 1000 ml), the injured have pale, indifference, limb cold, as well as the rapid shallow breath symptoms, early into the shock. Once the blood loss too fast, especially acute massive blood loss, the injured not the positive and effective first aid, there will be life-threatening. The consequences of acute bleeding is very serious, therefore, to stop bleeding is an important measure to rescue the wounded, to save the lives of the wounded has a special significance. The author teaches you a few strokes on the spot to stop bleeding quickly first aid method.
1, the scene how to quickly stop bleeding?
(1) bundled with tourniquet hemostasis. If there is no tourniquet around, can use wire, cloth, rope, rubber band and other bundled hemostasis.
(2) can be used to stop bleeding by pressing, pressing, etc..
Pressure: when I saw the wound bleeding, immediately hold the bleeding area by hand, this is the compression hemostasis, compression hemostasis and divided into two kinds. One is the direct oppression of the wound, whether with a clean gauze or other cloth items directly in the bleeding area, can effectively stop bleeding. Another is acupressure hemostasis and finger pressure in the bleeding artery proximal adjacent bone, blocking blood supply source, in order to reach the purpose of hemostasis. When looking for the point of oppression with the index finger or ring finger, do not use the thumb, because the middle of the thumb has a gross artery, easy to cause miscarriage of justice. When the arterial compression point is found, then change the thumb to press or a few fingers at the same time pressing.
Two pack: no matter what kind of bleeding, and ultimately to be used to solve the bandage. The material used is a gauze, bandage, elastic bandage, or a clean cloth or a pad made of cotton fabric. The principle of dressing is to cover the first package, the intensity is moderate. After the first cover, cover the wound on the first cover (large enough, enough thick cotton fabric liner), and then use a bandage or triangular bandage. After the completion of the dressing to check the tightness, moderate intensity of the bandage to stop bleeding is effective.
2, the use of tourniquet hemostasis when bound to pay attention to what?
(1) the tourniquet should be tied to the proximal end of the wound, the upper arm and thigh should be tied to the 1/3 site. Arm in the 1 / 3 position can not be the use of a tourniquet. In order to avoid oppression of radial nerve injury, caused by upper limb paralysis; below the mid thigh level should not be used, thigh below the middle of the artery was located deep, not easy compression lived, sometimes not enough pressure, no pressure deflated artery and only pinned the venous reflux, bleeding but more, and they will cause limb swelling and necrosis.
(2) tourniquet must use pad to protect the skin, smooth skin can not be directly tied to. The tightness of the tourniquet to moderate, to touch to the distal pulses and the cessation of bleeding is appropriate, not too tight, so as not to hurt the nerve, also can not be too loose, only to suppress venous return, bleeding but more.
(3) tourniquet limb should be well protected, special attention should be paid to warm in winter, to avoid frostbite.
(4) to be elastic tourniquet bleeding is appropriate, as far as possible in the 1~2 hours were rushed to the hospital. This method is effective, but it is easy to damage the body, and it affects the late recovery. So, every 30~50 minutes to relax a tourniquet, relax for 2~5 minutes each time. At this time, but also with finger wound, avoid large hemorrhage.
The 3 time is too long, tight binding tourniquet what risk?
Improper binding and hemostasis can cause distal limb ischemia and necrosis. In the clinical work often encounter some injured patients, wire, cloth, rope, rubber band and the injured limb above the strapping hemostatic came to the hospital, the doctor to the patient examination was injured when, often found due to bundling too tight or binding in the wrong place, tying the skin, nerves, blood vessels and muscle damage, serious induced ischemic necrosis of the distal limb.
If bundles have been more than 9 hours the wounded to transport to the hospital, doctors generally do not immediately relaxing tourniquet. Due to the distal limb survival is no longer possible, necrotic cells will release toxic materials potassium ion, myoglobin, and peptide limb at this time if the release, these toxic substances will with vein into the whole body, poisoning, can lead to cardiac arrest and sudden death. So, unless it is necessary, you can use other methods to stop the bleeding.
4, other magical tourniquet
Summer is the season of snakes, scorpions, centipede snake very active, outdoor travel once bitten by a snake, should take timely remedial actions. First, don’t panic run, acuteness activity will accelerate the blood circulation, accelerate the body of toxins absorption, increased symptoms of poisoning; then quickly with a tourniquet or string in from the wound 5-10 cm strapping, prevent the spread of toxin in the body, to suck the poison out, with water or tea wash the wound, and quickly sent to the hospital.
Anyway, in the normal working life, if the occurrence of physical injury bleeding, we can according to the emergency treatment, if the situation is serious, should promptly to the hospital by the medical staff to professional treatment, avoid illness of incur loss through delay cause greater damage.

Acute heart attack first aid

Acute heart attack first aid

According to statistics, China has 70% heart patients are unable to get proper and timely rescue died at home or in the field, and how such data is shocking. Heart attack suddenly, first aid must race against time, if the heart stops for 20 seconds, people will lose consciousness; 1 minute later stopped breathing; after 4-6 minutes of oxygen will cause irreversible damage to the brain and causes death, it is necessary to learn some basic first aid skills.

1, acute myocardial infarction
Acute myocardial infarction is a common symptom of heart disease, the patient of the pain the same as angina, symptoms and consequences much more serious than angina. Long duration of acute myocardial infarction, severe, patients definitely have to rest in bed, loose neckline, keep quiet and air ventilation. If a condition of the oxygen. Patients can sublingual nitroglycerin 1 piece or Isosorbide dinitrate 1 to 2 tablets, and immediately call a first-aid center. It is noteworthy that when patients do not take the bus or help a patient walk to hospitals, prevent exacerbations.
2, heart failure
Sudden breathing difficulties of patients with congestive heart failure, the patient must have a quiet rest, preferably half-lying position, two-foot drop, is eligible for an immediate oxygen, patients with heart failure will not be given, should be sent to hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible.
3, transient shock
Brief shock patients in four minutes without oxygen, and prone to sudden death phenomenon for more than 10 minutes then there is little hope of recovery. Patients should be gently down on the bed to increase blood flow, and let the patient sublingual Isosorbide dinitrate or lean upon pills and other drugs. Rhythmically tapping the heart with his fist, tap 2 to 3 times in a row, fists raised off the chest of 20 to 30 cm, rap makes the heart is stimulated, then artificial respiration, if conditional can let patients with oxygen.
Cardiac arrest, 4
No matter what the causes of respiratory and cardiac arrest patients, is the most dangerous man of life, are most in need of emergency assistance. The brain needs a lot of oxygen, breathing and heartbeat stopped, soon hypoxia of the brain, within 4 minutes, with half the brain cells are damaged; if patients in disease outbreaks within 4 minutes, can be effective first-aid measures, recovery rate of 50%, that 4 minute is called life-saving “Gold 4 minutes.” For more than 5 minutes and then the purpose of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, only one-fourth people might save every minute, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation success rate will drop from 7% to 10%, if more than 10 minutes then there is little hope of recovery.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation the patient must first lie, must be in a hard place, there was no problem in the ground, tapping his chest rhythmically with his fists hard left nipple inside (the heart), tapping two or three times in a row, fist raised 20~30 cm in the chest, after tapping, cardiac stimulation, can sometimes restore autonomy to beat. And then immediately the mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions, using manual methods for loop, each after 15 heart compressions and 2 rescue breaths.
Patients at the time of onset, before the heart stops beating to lose consciousness for a few seconds, try to save themselves, don’t hesitate to cough and cough can stimulate the heart just stopped, back beat. There are many types of heart disease, heart attack first aid measures are different, only master correct heart first aid can be in times of crisis to save a patient’s life.

Fainting occurs first aid methods

Fainting occurs first aid methods
At the time of our life, sometimes there will be some unexpected things occur, is there will be some unexpected behavior encountered when it is more difficult to deal with, this time we are supposed to know that some methods, so that, if met, can also be good to end hunger, or relieve. Specifically if some sudden fainting condition we should know and will do some simple emergency treatment, this is a great deal of help, is right.

If this is the case in General, largely is caused by anemia due to temporary circumstances. Find a will in a very short period of time there is no consciousness. This time. Patients first, suddenly have the strength, but is particularly weak in erhai Lake, the eyes are black and white special skin and lips are pale. And limbs were to sudden chills, and sweating occurs. Some people had received some shock, or stop time is particularly long and is very likely the case.

Encounter such a case, we should do some processing. We should be patient to lie down at this time, we should use is lower, feet are a little high, so, can make the brain’s blood supply is increased, then keep warm, is the need for more quiet, you can feed them sugar water. After General do, be sober, and if not, is the need to rush to the hospital.

Emergency treatment of stroke patients

Emergency treatment of stroke patients
People to old artery sclerosis, if the original hypertension, encounter complex emotion, anger, force or the morning after, headache, vomiting, paralyzed on one side, Kouyanwaixie, drooling, confusion, breathing snore or incontinence and other symptoms, should think of stroke. It is actually a mixture of cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis.
Main symptoms
1, the performance of headache, dizziness, tinnitus aura, body numbness and nausea.
2 common clinical manifestations of stroke: coma, vomiting, hemiplegia, aphasia. However, the incidence of each patient is different, can be expressed as the following one or a few. Specific performance:
(1) disorder of consciousness suddenly coma light trance or lethargy, wake up and sleep soon.
(2) body weakness or numbness of the face, upper limb, lower limb sensory disturbance, there is a sense of ants, no pain.
(3) unilateral upper limb or lower limb movement is not flexible, can not lift the weight, Yang Shuaijiao.
(4) the language barrier suddenly do not speak fluent or speechless.
(5) the pupil changes the side of the side of a small, or the size of the tip of the needle, or the enlargement of the bilateral.
(6) understanding the ability to decline or sudden memory loss.
(7) visual impairment is not clear on one side of the eye.
(8) the rotation of the eyeball is not flexible.
(9) urinary incontinence.
(10) the imbalance of the balance, the standing is not stable.
First aid method
1, keep quiet, immediately patientsupine. In order to maintain airway patency, the head to one side, to prevent inhalation of the trachea sputum, vomit. If the patient in a coma, issued strong snoring, tongue has been falling, available a handkerchief or gauze bag to patients with tongue, gently pulled forward.
2, with buttons, agitated solution belt, the holder and the air flow over the quiet. Don’t push the patient, pad high pillow or shake the head of the patient. Can gently twist the patient’s skin, in order to check the unconscious reaction.
3, check the patient’s vital signs, such as breathing, heartbeat stop, should immediately do cpr.
4, if the patient vomiting should be let the face turned to one side, remove the denture in the mouth, and with a clean handkerchief series around the fingers and stuck it into the clearing vomits and to prevent airway obstruction, causing suffocation. Do not use a towel and other things through the mouth, impede breathing.
5, the prohibition of water absorption to the patient, in order to prevent the wrong person caused by choking. If the patient is dry, use a cotton swab dipped in boiling water to moisten the lips with temperature.
6 when the patient had a seizure, wrapped in a handkerchief to the sick people, in order to prevent the tongue. Also called the handkerchief rolled. Mat between the upper and lower teeth.
7 conditions can be significantly elevated blood pressure of oxygen, but he can give Qing Wei oral antihypertensive drugs.
8 when the weather is cold to keep warm, hot days should be cooling. The patient’s head covered with a cold towel, due to vasoconstriction in the cold, can reduce bleeding. For a coma patient, if the doctor’s head. Hypothermia can play a role in protecting the brain. Carefully placed in the disease
9, in order to prevent the increase in cerebral hemorrhage, should be as far as possible to the doctor to treat. If you need to be sent to the hospital, near the hospital. In transit, the vehicle should be as smooth as possible, reduce the bumps and vibrations, and the patient’s head slightly higher, the nurse should always pay attention to changes in the condition of the patient.

How to compress

How to compress
Hot compress can make muscle relaxation, dilation of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, therefore, it has antiphlogistic, detumescence, relieving pain, reduce deep tissue congestion and maintain body temperature, it has anti-inflammatory effect.
Hot compress method
Hot compress method has two kinds: one is the dry heat therapy, with a hot water bag for hot compress, water temperature of 60 to 70 Eve joy, C, to the back of the hand test temperature not too hot is appropriate. Coma or local sensory paralysis patients and the elderly, children, when hot temperature should be withered to 50 Eve joy, C, will be hot water irrigation to the hot water bag 1 / 2 or 1 / 3 can discharge air in the bag, tighten the screw cap, put into the cloth sleeve or with a towel wrapped Hsueh, on the diseased parts. For the elderly and children, hot water bag can not be in direct contact with the skin, salt, rice or sand fried hot into a bag, instead of hot water bottle. Usually hot compress 20 ~ 30 minutes, every 3 to 4 times. Another hot compress is heat therapy, namely the towel soaked in hot water, wring to the Banzai after folding, compress temperature measured by hand, to hot for the degree, apply on the diseased part, outside the hot towel can then cover a layer of towels or cotton pad, to retain more heat. Generally every 3 to 5 minutes to replace a towel, preferably with two towel used. Each hot compress time is 15 to 20 minutes; the number of 3 to 4 times a day. After winter wet compress, the patient should go out more than half an hour later, in order to prevent a cold.
1. No matter what kind of hot compress method should prevent burns, especially children, coma patients and the elderly, and blood circulation of the paralysis, diabetes and nephritis not 26 or feel insensitive patients. Use hot compress, should always check the changes of local skin, such as red scar, should immediately stop.
2. Hot compress as therapy combined with application to early cloth swollen, sty, arthritis, dysmenorrhea, cold induced abdominal pain and low back and leg pain. However, when the abdomen of undiagnosed, such as acute appendicitis, the face or mouth purulent infection, various visceral hemorrhage, early joint sprain, soft tissue contusion of early (within 48 hours of) edema, disable the hot compress. The hot compress is contraindicated in patients with shock.

How to clean the bath with alcohol

How to clean the bath with alcohol
The body of the patient with alcohol, alcohol, the evaporation of the body away from the heat of the body and to reduce the heat, this method is also known as the physical cooling method.
Rub bath method
Alcohol sponge bath cooling, sponge bath before the first to use ice packs placed at the head of the patient, to help cool, and can prevent a sponge bath when superficial vascular contraction, blood is concentrated in the head caused by too much congestion of the brain. Immersed in a small gauze 30% ~ 50% alcohol 200 ~ 300 ml, from the side of the neck to rub the back of the back of the upper arm, and then from the same side of the chest with the palm of the hand to rub the palm of the hand from the hip along the thigh to the foot, and then from the groin along the medial side of the thigh. Rub in the big blood vessels in the place such as the groin, armpit place focus massage, promote blood vessel expansion in order to heat. Rub the other side with the same method. Finally help the patient clean the back and limbs. Limbs, back rub 5 minutes. The same as 15-20 minutes when the whole body is clean. Towel dry skin after bath towel.
1 high fever, chills or sweating with the children, generally should not use rubbing alcohol. Because the chills when the skin capillaries in the state of contraction, less heat dissipation, such as reoccupy cold alcohol stimulation causes the blood vessels contract more, skin blood flow reduced, thus impeding the body heat of the sporadic.
2. High fever without chills and no sweat in children with alcohol sponge bath cooling can receive a certain effect, but should avoid catching cold and pneumonia. A site was once exposed, all parts can’t wipe exposed a part of. And in the process, because the skin is very fast cooling, can cause peripheral vasoconstriction and blood stasis. Must massage the patient limbs and trunk, in order to promote blood circulation, speed up the heat.
3 general should not be in the chest and abdomen for alcohol rub bath, so as to avoid internal organs and organs, causing discomfort and complicated by other diseases. Such as chest rub can cause reflex bradycardic rub abdominal catch cold catch cold, can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and abdominal pain, wipe the occiput posterior can regulate heartbeat, respiration, blood pressure central, if too cold will cause serious consequences I soles of the feet of cold sensitive. Wipe with alcohol can cause heat production increase, the impact of heat.
How cold
Cold compress can make local capillary contraction, reduce local vascular congestion, inflammation, bleeding, pain, inflammation and purulent control, lower the body temperature.
Cold compress method
The cold way has two a is ice cold, in ice packs mounted L / 2 or 1 / 3 bag of crushed ice or cold water, to exhaust the air inside the bag, clip the bag is clamped on the patient’s forehead, armpit, thigh root, no ice, with a plastic bag. If used to reduce body temperature, but also can be used in a towel or gauze wrapped in ice. Another is wet and cold compress method, the towel or distribute soaked in cold water or ice water, wring dry after the defeat in the affected area, it is best to use 2 piece of cloth used interchangeably. 3 minutes every 5 minutes to replace a coating, a total of 15-20 minutes. Cold can be carried out in the back, limbs, Po fossa, fossa and groin, use dry towel after dressing at.
1 cold, to observe the local skin color, check whether local spots appear red or gray. When the skin appears blue, burning, numbness to immediately stop. The cold time should not be too long, so as not to affect the blood circulation. Not old, young, weak patient body cold.
2 cold, for a long time, so it becomes hot towel or spread, will lose the therapeutic effect, so often needs to change.
. contusion, laceration of muscles and internal bleeding disease patients, available at the start of the cold, 2-3 days in the recovery period, local edema formation, in order to promote blood circulation, should use hot compress.
4. The hot and cold compresses the two wet compress to according to the different condition and choose to use, but also to remember the treatment principle of different.
5., ear pillow ministry, scrotal skin is thin, small amount of blood circulation, cold easily form frostbite; measles in children with disabling whole body cryotherapy antipyretic, due to cold stimulation will make vasoconstriction of the peripheral circulation reduce, cause rashes plummeted. Because of rash is in the process of fever and sweating in fever vascular extension have to rash all through and toxins excluded, and therefore should not be the systemic application of cryotherapy.