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Emergency emergency treatment

Family life is mostly calm and safe way, in such a comfortable living environment, few people will really be in the precarious danger, but none of us can ignore a fact that disaster is always Lennon nightmare as not regularly visit, storage accidents always can not avoid. And these emergencies, once the event, often devastating blow, let people suffer huge loss of life and property. This, let the majority of friends to grasp some of the accident prevention and emergency measures of prevention and emergency measures of knowledge, understanding the most basic rescue knowledge, to help save the ability and the ability to save himself, is not necessary.
In general, the emergency situations that may be faced in daily life are mainly natural disasters, disease acute attack and accident. Among them, natural disasters including water hyacinth. Earthquake, tsunami, lightning, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, landslides, avalanches and other art accident damage including traffic accident, poisoning, water skiing. “Family emergency and first aid” from the first aid knowledge, emergency, disease prevention, disease prevention, accident, tourism, emergency, rescue, natural disasters, trauma, poisoning, and other aspects of the emergency situation may encounter in Beijing, on the basis of the processing methods and should be ignored, as long as you do, will be the loss and damage to the lowest.
Ming nip in the bud, the map of risk in the future. May this book to be readers of family life in the right-hand man, and thus gradually mastered basic medical models escorting knowledge, strengthen ego to protect consciousness, improve the resilience of an emergency.

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